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Dora L. Dunlap, LCSW  •   Mark Dunlap, MFT
A Center for Imago Therapy
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About Dora
Dora grew up in Lima, Peru and came to this country on a Pan-American scholarship to attend university.  She has a Master's in Social Work, and has practiced as a psychotherapist for over 25 years.  

She has specialized in treating survivors of domestic violence, in medical social work, women's issues, trauma recovery, and teaches parenting skills.

Her family background - her mother being Peruvian, and her father Chinese - and her marriage to Mark give her a unique perspective and ability to work with cross-cultural issues in marriages.

As a native of Peru, she is bi-lingual and therefore able to provide services to Spanish- speaking clients in their native language.

Dora L. Dunlap, L.C.S.W.
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