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Currently Single?
Many people who are single seem to cycle through relationships having the same difficulties over and over.  It may seem like the problem is with the partners you get involved with, but it fact it may be unaddressed issues within yourself that are preventing you from having finding the right partner and sustaining a long-term relationship.  

We can address these concerns in two ways:

Individual Counseling:

We'll look into the patterns in your relationships, defenses that may get in your way, childhood influences on your relationships, and what the "growth edge" may be for you:  what you may need to work so you can be more successful in your relationships.

"Keeping the Love You Find" Training for Singles:

This is a 3 month program of weekly group meetings and some individual sessions.  Group size is limited to 8.  In this program you will :

  • learn more about the type of person you tend to be attracted to, and why
  • learn new relationship skills to help you break the negative cycle of relating
  • develop a growth plan to work on those issues that will help you succeed in relationships
  • meet others with similar concerns and a deep interest in conscious relationships who will give you support and valuable feedback to improve your relationship skills 
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