The Relationship Institute of
Santa Barbara
Dora L. Dunlap, LCSW  •   Mark Dunlap, MFT
A Center for Imago Therapy
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Initial Interview:  Most clients start with an initial interview with Dora or Mark in which we will find out what's going on and how we can help.  We will make sure we are a "good match" for you, meaning that you feel comfortable with your therapist and have confidence that we can help you.  Then we will plan an approach that will benefit you.  This usually runs about an hour and a half for couples;  an hour for individual clients.

Couples sessions:  Generally about an hour and half with either Dora or Mark.  Most couples start with weekly sessions, although some start by meeting once every 2 weeks.

Individual therapy sessions:  With either Dora or Mark focussing on relationships:  how to make your current relationship work better, or if you currently don't have a partner, what you can address on your own to improve your relationships.  Individual sessions generally run about an hour.

"Keeping the Love You Find" training for singles.  This group program runs 12 weeks and addresses what it takes to attract an appropriate partner and how to sustain a long-term relationship.

Adult Ed classes (tuition-free!) on relationships taught by Mark through SBCC School of Extended learning.  

 Next class, "Love Isn't Enough," (for both couples and those currently single) will start in January 2018.  Go to  for more info and to register.

We are providers for many insurance programs.  We will work with you to get reimbursement from your health plan.
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