The Relationship Institute of
Santa Barbara
Dora L. Dunlap, LCSW  •   Mark Dunlap, MFT
A Center for Imago Therapy
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"Finding the Love You Want, Keeping the Love 

There has to be a better marriage!

Tired of the bickering, fighting, arguing?

Feeling distant, lonely, disconnected?

Do you ask yourself, "What happened to the closeness, the romance? 
And what has happened to our sex life?"

Feel like giving up?

Are you thinking, "There must be a better marriage!"

Well, there is.  
And it just might be with the partner you already have.

What we know is that many, many couples have changed the unhappy marriage they were having into one that really wanted to be in.  One where they feel connected, emotionally-safe, passionate and playful with each other.  What they needed was some help:   some expert guidance, some good information, some new skills... and some hard work.  Let us help you find the relationship you really want.

The typical couple waits years from the time when they feel distressed until they actually call for help.  And things don't get better during that time.  Don't be that couple!  Please call us now and let us begin helping you find the relationship you really want.

In these difficult and challenging times, your marriage could be your greatest resource.
The Relationship Institute of Santa Barbara
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