Are you thinking...

"There has to be a better marriage!"

  • Tired of the bickering, fighting, arguing? 
  • Feel like you're "walking on eggshells" around each other?
  • Feeling distant, lonely, disconnected? 
  • Do you ask yourself, "What happened to the closeness, the romance?  And what has happened to our sex life?" 
  • Do you feel like giving up?

Are you thinking, "There must be a better marriage!"

Well, there is. And it just might be with the partner you already have

What we know is that many couples can change the relationship they have now into one they really want: one with good communication, a strong sense of connection, and a passion for being together.  


Many couples find themselves stuck in seemingly endless cycles of bickering and arguments that just go nowhere. Others have withdrawn into their own activities and interests, and have quietly given up on having the loving and vital relationship they once enjoyed.  At some point many begin to think of splitting up.


We know from experience that this can change. What it takes is some expert guidance, some good information, some new skills and some hard work. And then it can feel good to come home again.

The typical couple waits 6 years from when they find themselves in pain to when they reach out for help. And things don’t usually get better during that time. Don’t be that couple! Please give us a call so we can start helping you now. 

Let's sit down together and find out how we can help you. don't have to be married to benefit from couple's counseling

We see all sort of couples in all stages of relationship.  Some married, many are not. Some have been together for 30 years, some are just forming up their relationship. Some are on the edge  of ending the relationship, many are actually  "doing OK" -  they just want a better relationship but don't know how to get there. And some people's partners won't come in, so we meet with just the one partner to work on the relationship.

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