Our Services

  • COUPLES COUNSELING:  Couples sessions with either Dora or Mark run between an hour and an hour-and-a  half.  In a initial meeting we will determine how best to proceed together. Most couples do a series of sessions starting on a weekly basis and then reduce to meeting every 2 weeks.

  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING:   Many people currently single deeply long for a committed, long-term partnership but struggle either to find the right sort of partner or to maintain the relationship. We will help you undestand what issues might be standing in your way and how to can learn to have greater success in finding and staying with a partner.

  • GROUPS: Periodically we offer couples groups, where couples can learn from each other and support each other in the development of a truly satisfying relationship.  We also offer a "Keeping the Love You Find" training for singles in which participants learn about themselves and  learn new relationship skills in a supportive group setting.                  

  • CLASSES and SEMINARS: Mark teaches courses on relationships for SBCC's Center for Extend Learning twice a year (Spring Term PSY NC028 and Fall Term NC084). These classes are open to both singles and couples free of charge, and are designed for ALL AGES (despite being funded by the state for "Older Adults"), Check the SBCC CEL website https://banner.sbcc.edu/PROD/pw_pub_sched.p_search for details.

  • PRESENTATIONS:  Mark is available and enjoys giving presentations or in-service trainings to local organizations and businesses.  Topics can include:  Managing Conflict Effectively, How to Really Listen to Someone, Using Mindfulness to Manage Stress in Relationships, Intentionally Using Positivity to Create More Connection, How to Keep Passion Alive in the Long-Term, and others.  Contact us if you're interested!