Dora Li Dunlap, LCSW




Dora grew up in Lima, Peru and came to this country on a Pan-American scholarship to attend university. She has a Master's in Psychiatric Social Work and extensive professional training in various therapeutic modalities. 


Dora has practiced as a psychotherapist for over 25 years.  

She has specialized in trauma recovery treating children and adults survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, in women's issues, adjustment to chronic illness and she teaches parenting skills.  

She has worked at CALM (Child Abuse Listening and Mediation) in Santa Barbara for 25 years, where she is lead trainer in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). 

Her family background - her mother being Peruvian, and her father Chinese - and her marriage to Mark give her a unique perspective and ability to work with cross-cultural issues in marriages.

Bi-lingual in español

As a native of Peru, Dora is bi-lingual and therefore able to provide services to Spanish- speaking clients in their native language.